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Khuzestan province due to its diverse and extensive capacities, including extensive land and water borders with neighboring countries, extensive coastline, having one of the largest oil resources in the country, access to southern rich rivers and potential plains for agriculture and industry, enjoys special advantages over other parts of the country. Enjoying special transit benefits such as combined transport, equipped docks and warehousing and customs infrastructure, has turned this Zone to be of special importance in commercial activities, in addition to its tourism, industry and agriculture.

Arvand Free Trade-Industrial Zone was established in 2004 with the aim of optimizing the capacities of this zone. This Zone, which is located in the northwest of the Persian Gulf and southwest of Khuzestan province and at the cross-road of the Arvand Rood and Karun rivers, is adjacent to Kuwait and Iraq and includes the three main parts of the industrial towns of Khorramshahr and Abadan, Shalamcheh and Mino Island; and with 37,400 hectares of area is one of the most important and prosperous Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the country.

The most important goals of this Zone include the development of tourism industries, fisheries and agriculture industries, clean industries, heavy industries (steelmaking, pipe rolling, etc.), offshore industries and facilities, and support for oil and petrochemical industries, along with strengthening transit capacities and commercial services.  The geographical location of the Zone, its natural conditions and the existence of warehousing and transit infrastructure as well as oil and refinery industries have caused the rapid growth of this Free Trade-Industrial Zone.

a note from the CEO


Arvand Free Zone is of special importance among the free zones of the country with its capacities such as road, rail, air and sea transportation. Proximity to friendly and neighboring Iraq and the presence of the Shalamcheh border bottleneck is one of the geostrategic advantages of the Arvand Free Zone, which is a turning point for the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr in the fields of trade and cultural exchanges. In the tourism sector, Arvand is one of the most pristine and beautiful areas for tourists to visit. The existence of Arvand, Karun and Bahmanshir rivers along with the groves and markets of this region, every year during Nowruz, makes Arvand one of the important tourism hubs of Iran.
Given the numerous benefits of this region, the Arvand Free Zone can be considered as one of the priorities for investors in all fields; We in Arvand Free Zone Organization will always welcome these loved ones for any help and facilitation in investing.
Esmail Zamani

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Exclusive advantages of Arvand Free Trade-Industrial Zone

- Presence of advanced petrochemical and refinery industries,

- Presence of heavy steel industries in the region,

- Presence of marine industries with the ability to build heavy platforms in Khorramshahr port,

-Easy access to consumer markets in neighboring countries, including Iraq and the Persian Gulf states,

- Combined transport infrastructure (road, air, sea and rail) and proximity to Abadan International Airport,

- Facilities for transit of goods between the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia,

- Access to Karun river as the only navigable river in Iran,

- Equipped and mechanized port wharves.

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